BWOL Poems

The Boy Without Legs (BWOL) series is a collection of poems about Paco’s experiences as a little boy growing up without legs, as well some from his daughters’ point-of-view, having a father without legs.

Ellipses (…) indicate where the poems have been abbreviated.

NOTE: You are welcome to share my poetry with others – please credit “Paco Pasqual” with a link to my website.  Thanks!


Helping Hand

The boy without legs goes to the store.
It’s somewhere he’s been many times before,
But this time is a little different than the last
And he encounters issues unlike those that have past

Sometimes I get stares.  Some people walk away.
I saw a few ignore me just today.
But I’m only a boy who is a little bit different
And can always use a helping hand or personal assistance.

I’m glad you came by – you are free to ask questions.
I’ve heard them all before, but it doesn’t make a difference.
I know that each child is curious when they first see me,
So I tell them my story and discuss my disability.

© 2010 Pasqual Torres

Boy Without Legs Gets Into the Game

About how other kids could laugh and play
And jump around in the park all day.
He wanted to join them in their fun,
But he didn’t have the legs to run.

Yes, this boy was different, you could see.
He had nothing there from foot to knee,
Just rounded-off stumps from the hip –
Didn’t measure more than a foot to the tip.

He wasn’t angry, he wasn’t sad,
But, then again, he wasn’t glad.
He wanted to be called out by his name
To be included in all of the games

The Boy Without Legs grew a big smile.
His face lit up and eyes opened wide,
And without hesitation he replied,
“I don’t know how, but I’d love to try!”

“Well this game is soccer.  We kick the ball with our feet,
But it seems you’ll have to play differently.”
“I do things my own way all the time.
I’ll play with my hands, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, that’s ok, you can be on my team!
They’ll add one more so we can play evenly.”
So The Boy Without Legs hobbled after the ball.
While the other kids couldn’t believe what they saw:

He wasn’t too fast, but he kept a good pace,
And soon the ball was nearly in his face….

© 2010 Pasqual Torres

My Daddy Has No Legs

My daddy has no legs, and it’s ok.
He didn’t lose them in an usual way.
He was born without them, so he didn’t go through pain,
But he knows a few daddies that did, and they are much the same.
They have metal legs – some above or below the knee.
They are all wonderful guys and live life so proudly.
It’s hard for daddy to walk up a hillside,
But I always hold his hand when we go outside.
I love Daddy so much, and I don’t really mind
When others look at him and ask questions all the time.
I just say he is different in his own special way,
And I love him just the same – I tell him everyday.

© 2010 Pasqual Torres

All poetry, images, and concepts are property of Pasqual Torres.   You are welcome to share my poetry with others – however, please credit “Paco Pasqual” with a link to my website.  For permission to publish, please contact Paco

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