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My Fear

My fears is I’m not specialMy fear is I’m not wiseMy fear is that I can’t succeed at anythingSo I don’t even tryI sit around and complain about all the things I cannot changeMy fear is that the more I try … Continue reading

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RE: Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

I recently saw a video titled Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen. of a father getting so upset about his daughter’s saying some very childish and spoiled comments about her parents on her Facebook page. I have to say … Continue reading

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I Love You But…

I love you. You are so perfect I wish there were two of you. I love you but could you change one thing? I love your voice but when you say something improperly I get embarrassed. If you don’t mind … Continue reading

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Violence in Tucson

ONE OF THE VICTIMS OF TODAY’S SHOOTING IN TUCSON WAS JUDGE JOHN ROLL, a man I have met through my work in the government and found to be a fair Judge and a kind man. His service to this state … Continue reading

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Brothers in Arms

This goes out to our troops overseas serving in the United States military Air Force, Navy, USMC The Coast Guard and the Army You all served us so honorably But we wish you were home With your family You do … Continue reading

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Release Me

There was a time when I was sorry A time when I was sad When I use to think I was the reason That you were always mad But I’ve slowly started seeing That is had nothing to do with … Continue reading

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The Victim

You broke my heart Always lied Placed the blamed Then would cry Stayed out late Never called Asked for more And didn’t share at all Always complained Hated my friends Seems our problems Would never end I waited on you … Continue reading

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