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Born free

No limb, no limits, no problems for me Those silly meat limbs, no, I’m meant to be free. Who needs ten fingers or toes or two feet? Maybe even my arms are limiting me. They flop all around when I … Continue reading

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Political Party – Teach yourself (Song Parody)

(To the tune of Garden Party by Ricky Nelson) Good morning everybody, sit down so we can begin, I’m going to share with you a lesson, I won’t repeat my self again. There are two political parties, they go by a few different names But don’t make a mistake about it, they operate the same It is all politics, learn this lesson now, They try to trick everybody so you got to teach yourself The media’s involved, they’ve all been bought and paid, They want everyone to buy their garbage, and an continue to donate And over in the corner are the people that think independently They shake their heads in disgusts, at everything they see But it’s OK for now, we still have time to think Don’t let them do it for you, you got to teach yourself They keep pointing their fingers, saying the other ones to blame, But the people are the ones that always suffer, when they play this game I think it is time for the people to turn off their TV Sit down and talk with their neighbors about everything they see I say, take a stand, let’s think independently, Go talk to every body, and don’t just listen to me Someones gotta win the election and I hope it’s someone good A person that acts as We the people and not for the corporate hoods If you gotta vote for someone, think of more than just yourself The President represents us all not just the people with wealth But it will be OK, if we learn our lessons now, Please talk to everybody, don’t just think of yourself. Yes, we’ll be OK, if we come together now, Please talk to everybody, before election day.

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My Sweet Emily

(To the tune, “Always a woman to me” – Billy Joel) She lives in the present, yet decidedly prudent She’ll take you to school like you’re only a student And she’s not one to judge, you’re the only jury She’ll … Continue reading

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Go skateboarding

Go skateboarding, down the hill, feel gravity pull you through the turn Go skateboarding, tires squeal, smell smoke as the rubber burns Go skateboarding, grind the axle, hear the metal shriek down the rail Go skateboarding, heart races, taste your … Continue reading

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My Fear

My fears is I’m not specialMy fear is I’m not wiseMy fear is that I can’t succeed at anythingSo I don’t even tryI sit around and complain about all the things I cannot changeMy fear is that the more I try … Continue reading

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12 days until Christmas

There Are 12 days until Christmas and I don’t have a clue What should I Get The wife and kids, what am I going to do? Hmmm I think I remember what they all wanted this year I’ll just have … Continue reading

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Mom and dad don’t buy me many things Like plastic dolls or candy rings We don’t go on expensive vacations To amusement parks or exotic locations My backyard isn’t cool No playground or swimming pool My closet isn’t full of … Continue reading

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