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Born free

No limb, no limits, no problems for me Those silly meat limbs, no, I’m meant to be free. Who needs ten fingers or toes or two feet? Maybe even my arms are limiting me. They flop all around when I … Continue reading

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What is in a name?

Amputee, limb deficient, disabled, handicapped, differently abled, special, God’s children, thalidomide baby, war veteran, crippled, stumpy, deformed, birth defect, a burden, incomplete, helpless, gimp, freak… Sometimes a name is used to hurt, sometime they are used because we don’t have … Continue reading

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Setting your boundaries, it’s good for everyone

Standing up for what is right for you is the only way you can live your life. Sure you think what if I hurt people’s feelings, tough, that not your fault. If you are being totally honest about what you … Continue reading

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A glass half empty/ full

Some one once asked me if I was a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person, I replied,  “How big of a glass are we talking about? The point of the question is an obscure idea … Continue reading

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Am I Trayvon?

Trayvon Martin was a boy not much different from me when I was a kid. But the challenges I face where much different. I’m not going to say being born without legs is better or worse than being a young … Continue reading

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Perfect Strangers

On a regular basis, I run into total strangers that want to talk to me about my disability. Last night was no different. Emily and I went to the local Barnes and Noble looking for Mastering the Art of French … Continue reading

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Imaginary Friend

Sometime I pretend I have an imaginary friend And we imagine again That he also has an imaginary friend And the friend has a friend, And the friend has a friend And it’s hard to imagine where each imaginary friend … Continue reading

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