About Paco

Pasqual “Paco” Torres was born over thirty years ago in the town of Jacksonville, NC. His father was a career Marine, his mother a housewife. Possibly due to complications during pregnancy, their second child, Pasqual, was born without legs.

Following his parents’ divorce at age 6, Paco was raised primarily by his father, who instilled in him self-confidence and taught him how to be an effective communicator.  As Paco says, “Whenever I made a mistake, my father would sit me down and ask me what I learned.  Sometimes he would have me write a letter of apology to the person I harmed.  I’m thankful he had the wisdom to not just punish me but actually discuss the issue.”

Beginning at the age of 2, Paco was a regular patient at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children who generously provided him with prosthetic legs free-of-charge until the age of 21. (Currently, Paco wears C-legs by Otto Bock.)  Other than legs, he also uses a skateboard and wheelchair to get around.

Paco started wrestling in high school at the encouragement of his brother and the wrestling coach.  By his senior year, he had 60 wins/33 losses, won 4 medals, and was awarded “Most Inspirational Wrestler” in Tucson – as well as received some attention from the local media.

After graduating from Arizona State University, he later went on to receive his Masters in Business Management at University of Phoenix.

Paco has lived in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, California, Arizona, and Japan.  He currently works for the Department of Justice and lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife Emily and his 2 little girls.

Paco Pasqual the Poet
Paco has written poetry since the second grade.  After years of writing in response to emotional events in his life, a friend suggested he try his hand at children’s poetry.  Many of his children’s poems are inspired by his two beautiful daughters, who provide him with plenty of material!

Living without legs has provided Paco with a variety of experiences, as well as some challenges along the way.  The Boy Without Legs poetry series is meant to give readers a window into what it’s like to grow up different and to show all children that handicapped kids can have just as much fun as other kids, despite physical limitations.

Even though he was born without legs, Paco hopes to inspire those who have legs, as well as those who have recently lost their legs, an enlightening perspective that anyone can live a joyful, exceptional life.

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15 Responses to About Paco

  1. Pat Starr says:

    Went over your entire blog, poetry and all there was to see. I’m impressed! All quite interesting.

  2. Jim in NYC says:

    Don’t know really how I came across your video on youtube, was searching for something entirely different. However, something said give a look. Man! I am truly impressed! You are quite a guy! An inspiration to anybody that watches it! I went to this web address from your youtube page. I am glad I was able to write you and let you know that its nice to see people overcome an adversity and survive in this crazy jungle of life! Thank you for helping me realize again life is what you make of it with what you have!

    • Thank you Jim. My best friend Emily prepared the video as a way to introduce me to a larger audience. I really enjoyed making it with her as it was a planned vacation to a ranch in Texas. The intention of the video is to show how I express joy and have adapted to the the world, without excuses or complaints. I’m very happy to have you visit the site as these poems are a passion for me and I hope to get some publish in the near future. I would like to say that yes life has its many challenges but you have the greatest oppotunity to be happy and it starts with you.

  3. Jim in NYC says:

    Hey Paco,

    Thanks for the personal response. It was an amazing video. Its great to have a best friend like that! We all could use one! Your writing is so full of heart and insightful. No matter the subject, I felt I could feel the point being conveyed. It is quite amazing how you have adapted to a world unlike your own. You are blessed with 2 beautiful kids as well! You are a lucky man! Do you ever see yourself settling down again in the future? Do you think Emily could be that one to make you do it all over again?


  4. Hey I found your blog searching for blogs about skateboarding. I am glad that I did. You are an inspiration. God Bless You!


  5. Tara Fallon says:

    Hey Paco. I’m friends with Rebecca, Emily’s sister. I think you need to update your website. With, you know, your updates with Emily. 😉 I hope to get to meet you some day!

  6. David sitz says:

    Did you live in Yuma as a child and have a neighbor friend named Craig? He was a md. Kid in a motorized wheelchair

    • Yes, that was me. We lived near that school and in a relatively new housing area. We played legos all the time, loved the movie Top Gun and ate the most amazing chili cheese dip ever. How is he doing?

  7. David sitz says:

    Craig had muscular dystrophy. He was able to graduate from high school but died just short of turning 21. He would always comment on how much fun you two had together. Especially the trip to San Diego – beach and zoo. I was on that trip as well. I was dating Craig’s oldest sister. Craig was a groomsman at our wedding. Looked good in a tux in his chair.

    • Oh, I am sorry to hear that, give my best to his family. I’m glad I was able to be his friend, we hung out a lot back then before moving to Japan. I have a Facebook page as well as this to talk about disability issues, I like to speak my mind on it. If you’d like to share the photo of the Craig at the wedding you may or can email me directly from my contact page. Thank you for reaching out David 🙂

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