New Website lauched

I will be posting all my new stuff to wix, instagram and twitter.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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2 Responses to New Website lauched

  1. Ivor Wood says:

    Oh dear, Paco – I do NOT use any of those systems .. so guess I cannot keep up with your doings anymore.

    Did you EVER adapt that poem “The Curmudgeon” that I commented on a few years’ ago?

    Will you still be on Facebook?



    • Wix is just a website, I would say if you are getting an error. They just update your flash or try another browser like Chrome? No, I haven’t written fiction in some time. I’m really busy with with my biography and playing rugby right now. Hope you are well.

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