Accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can…

thumb_upworth_asianUpworthy: The comic on the left breaks down the problem with whitewashing race. I read this comic on Upworthy and decided to make a parallel comic of my own detailing how this comic got it wrong. And I changed the issue of racial bias into a commentary on disability and political correctness. While I agree political correctness has its place, when it is applied too liberally it can be crippling to the individuals it was intended to protect.

I was at Quad Rugby practice stretching out. And I was the only amputee there.I was having a fun time, but then this happened. Man says,I laughed along... You know why but then it happened again.


When I told my best friends Abe Lincoln and Jesus Christ they said, When I told my darling wife she said,

Could this be true? Do I bring this on myself? Maybe I make jokes and I should understand how that hurts other people's feelings. And maybe they are just jokes after all. Am I really expecting people to read my mind and know when I'm offended even though I am laughing and playing along?

Life is hard as a disabled person but it is harder if you let everything get to you.

It is not that people should treat you poorly but if you don't speak up, it might happen.

But you don't have to be a victim. You can make them aware.

Political correctness doesn't mean everyone should know not to offend you. It means you can speak up when they do and let them know how you feel.

It is not ok for people to be jerks and then tell you that it's your fault for getting upset. You aren't crazy, it is offensive. But don't wrap yourself up in a blanket of self-righteousness. You're not being persecuted. If it hurts you, let them know. Everyone has a different idea of what is funny. And if you don't tell them it is offensive then you are allowing them to continue to hurt you or others.Like my wife always tells me. She says,

And when you do, you'll feel stronger. And your friends will respect you for taking a stand.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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