Political Party – Teach yourself (Song Parody)

(To the tune of Garden Party by Ricky Nelson)


Good morning everybody, sit down so we can begin,
I’m going to share with you a lesson, I won’t repeat my self again.
There are two political parties, they go by a few different names
But don’t make a mistake about it, they operate the same

It is all politics, learn this lesson now,
They try to trick everybody so you got to teach yourself

The media’s involved, they’ve all been bought and paid,
They want everyone to buy their garbage, and an continue to donate
And over in the corner are the people that think independently
They shake their heads in disgusts, at everything they see

But it’s OK for now, we still have time to think
Don’t let them do it for you, you got to teach yourself

They keep pointing their fingers, saying the other ones to blame,
But the people are the ones that always suffer, when they play this game
I think it is time for the people to turn off their TV
Sit down and talk with their neighbors about everything they see

I say, take a stand, let’s think independently,
Go talk to every body, and don’t just listen to me

Someones gotta win the election and I hope it’s someone good
A person that acts as We the people and not for the corporate hoods
If you gotta vote for someone, think of more than just yourself
The President represents us all not just the people with wealth

But it will be OK, if we learn our lessons now,
Please talk to everybody, don’t just think of yourself.

Yes, we’ll be OK, if we come together now,
Please talk to everybody, before election day.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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4 Responses to Political Party – Teach yourself (Song Parody)

  1. Ivor Wood says:

    Spot on, and you have my commiserations with the seeming choice you now have between Mr T & Mrs C

    • The good news is our congress is so ineffective that neither will get anything passed them… also that’s the bad new 😦

      • Ivor Wood says:

        So stalemate and chaos?

      • Well that what we have seen for 8 years, I see no change unless the GOP decides they are going to be adults about it. They can’t even get someone from their own party elected, they were taken over by Trump, who is a total wild card. While I like the idea of a shake up, Trump might be more of a “burn it to the ground” type. Things could get very scary if he is elected. I’m not much for Hillary, she seem boring but that might be safe, again I don’t know if the GOP will fight her like they did with Obama or if she can prove to be an effective leader. Only time can tell.

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