A wake up call

I was in a car accident today and it saved my life.

I woke up like most every other day, tired yet rested enough. I got the kids out of bed, had breakfast and then set off to have our Saturday. You see I only get custody of my girls on the weekend so I like to make the most if it. I set up a few locations and then go to them in a timely manner, and if we get behind I tend to get a little irritated but we march on.

So we started at the library, returned some books. I have the girls get one every weekend, one for me to read, usually a simple kids book and one for them to read alone. They don’t always finds one but trying counts. Then off to the store to get a few house hold items before the mall opened, then the mall.

There I ran into a guy with one leg on crutches and asked him what happened. He said he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident 7 years ago, and that his prosthetic was being repaired today. I wished him well then had lunch, then a thrift store for some pre loved clothing and finally our main event, the city pool.

I must say, I’m not a huge fan of swimming as it requires 100% moving my arms but people are always amazed when they see me do a perfect jack knife off the high dive.

My dad took us swimming all the time as a kid to the base or city pool. I love to do the same for my kids and they are truly water babies. I have seen then swim for 4 straight hours on many occasions. After that, we decided to make a quick visit to see Emily who was visiting a woman a few blocks away.

We decided afterwards we would get dinner at the pizza place with all the video games. So off we went, visited Emily and then time to get dinner.

But this is where my story takes a scary turn. I wanted to look at the website before we got there to see if they had any specials. I’ve done this many times and thought, this isn’t texting, this is just browsing but without seeing anything I felt a bump and heard a noise. I thought maybe I had hit something.

It was a split second I looked away but that was all it takes at 45 mph. The bump really woke me up. I dropped the phone and corrected my steering leading us to a nearby parking lot to look at the damage. I popped my tire on the curb. Also damaging my steel rim and shattering my hub cap. I was really upset at myself, so careless. I called for a tire store nearby and my towing company and made arrangements to get over there before they closed and they said the rim was too badly damaged to save and put the spare on. They were nice enough to suggest going to a junk yard for the rim rather than wait for it on order.

The good news is no one was hurt but how bad could it have gotten. I could have jumped the curb into on coming traffic, I could have over corrected and hit another car in my lane, I could have rolled my car, I could have triggered my air bag to hit my face and then crashed again. So many things, not to mention the fear I put into my kids.

I think about the guy we met at the mall. He could have been killed by his carelessness, or a distracted person like me could have clipped his bike while they were texting. I easily could have disabled another person just by not being patient. It really is scary to think about.

I was lucky but I don’t want to be lucky again, I want to be alive, so no more cell phone in the car. I will just turn it off and play it safe and thank the lord this time was the last time and everyone one is ok.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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