I Love You But…

I love you.
You are so perfect
I wish there were two of you.
I love you but could you change one thing?
I love your voice but when you say something improperly I get embarrassed.
If you don’t mind I’ll correct you
but if you could just relearn proper english that would be great.
I love you but could you be taller?
I know it seems silly but since you could,
it would make me feel better.
I mean I feel so tall around you
If you were just a bit taller it would make me happy.
I love you but could you walk better.
I know you can’t feel your feet
and that you have only had those prosthetic legs for almost two years
but I’d like for you to take a week off work and go to physical therapy.
I know it can be painful
but you are kind of embarrassing me with how slow you go down stairs.
I’m not sure I can wait for you.
It’s really for your own good
even if you say you are perfectly comfortable with it
I’m not so you should do this for me too.
I love you but could you stay up another hour and talk?
I know you wake up early for work and
I know you have a long day but
I didn’t feel like I said everything I’d like to say.
I know that I talked all last night and
that’s why you are tired but it just another hour.
Don’t worry
it won’t be like all the times I asked you to talk for an hour and
it turned into 2 hours.
I love you but could you be more interesting?
I know that you like things that I don’t care for and
rather than share interest in them
it would be better for us
if you could become interested in everything I like and
not talk about the stuff you like.
I mean I can listen when you talk but
I can only pretend to be interested.
I love you but could you get another job.
I know that you have been there for a long time but
I’d like to see you more often and
I’m not willing to make any kind of changes in my life to make this easier for you.
I love you but if you could give up some of the time you spend with your kids to discuss my problems?
That would be great.
I know you only see them on the weekends but
this issue I have is really important to me and
I couldn’t possibly talk to anyone else but
you about it because you are so kind with my feelings.
What’s that? You need to talk about your day…
Well if you could make it quick.
My problems are really more important to me.
I love you but…


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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