To Wear Legs or Not to Wear Legs…

I am in a continued conversation with a prosthetics doctor who thinks I shouldn’t encourage amputees to live a life without legs.

This is my reply:
“I’m glad you brought up the point that prosthetics are a tool. Just as I see them as a tool. I use them

Sometime I just need to air these things out.

everyday at work and sometimes if I go to play pool or something that requires legs. But just in the way someone wears shoes to hike and some to jog I feel there are times I use a skateboard and wheelchairs which are better suited to the situation. I feel like you are saying I am living half a live without legs when in fact I live a more full life.

Just because I put on legs doesn’t make me a more complete man. I am complete. It’s about loving myself. If someone has self-esteem issues maybe strapping some legs on makes them feel good. I can see if you lost your legs due to injury how putting legs on could possibly make you feel empowered.

I go out with or without them depending on what I need to do. So the comfort comes from the same way someone may take off their shoes. At the end of the day prosthetics are just shoes. I would rather encourage people to love their body then put faith in some artificial limb. I still take them off to swim, shower, make love and sleep every night. It’s more important that I am comfortable with me then worry about my “legs”.

I live a varied life and I like being on varied levels. I don’t think because I put on prosthetics I am any better, they just makes me taller. I am the same person either way.”

In no way am I saying people shouldn’t wear prosthetics. My C-legs are the best legs I have ever owned and I stopped using a cane after only having them a few months.”

I believe being happy comes first and you can’t replace human legs with metal parts. But you can accept that you can live a great life and have many experiences with or without legs and that is what I would like people to know about me. It doesn’t mean others have to follow my lead. It’s just offering some comfort to those that may feel they are incomplete. I am complete and that comes from loving me just the way I am.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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One Response to To Wear Legs or Not to Wear Legs…

  1. Pat Starr says:

    Love this post! You tell it like it is. The Dr just doesn’t want to lose patients. If someone is comfortable with the way he is then let it be. If an amputee prefers not to use an artificial limb because it is uncomfortable then why should he, just to please others that may feel uncomfortable seeing him without that limb?

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