Poem: Full Moon

I look up to the night sky
And often ask the question why?
Why is the moon full?
Why do the stars shine?
Did the moon have too much to eat?
And other thoughts cross my mind?
Why is space so dark?
Why are there rings on Saturn?
Did someone turn off the sun when I sleep?
Why are star in a pattern?
Is there an end of the universe?
How long does it take to get there?
Why is the sun on fire.
Why shouldn't I stare?
There so many question I have to ask.
So much I wonder why?
But I better ask my science teacher
Because I think my mom is gonna cry.


About boywithoutlegs

I am the author of the boy without legs website. I was born without legs and have used the experience to write children's poetry. I would love for anyone to read and be inspired and if you are interested in publishing my poetry please contact me.
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