Deion Sanders Adopts Noel Devine

I lifted this from and think it is awesome, its exactly what I was talking about that millionaire need to do more for the comunities they were raised, rather then buying fancy cars and gold teeth.

Deion Sanders now has bigger responsibilities to consider than trying to stop opposing offenses on third and long. According to a report on, the defensive back known more for big talk and end-zone dances is planning to adopt 17-year-old Noel Devine, a highly touted high school running back, who is without parents and in need of a father figure. Both of Devine’s parents are deceased, and he’s been living with a friend, Robert Harlow, for the last three years.
“The principal of my high school told me about him a couple of years ago,” the 37-year-old Sanders said. “Said the young man needed guidance. I didn’t follow through then, but was back in my hometown for a Jevon Kearse event recently. Three more people told me about Noel and his struggles. I’ve spent some time with the young man, and he needs direction. He doesn’t have parents; they died. God put this young man in my heart. This is not about sports. This is about a kid’s life.”
Devine, while playing at North Fort Myers (Fla.) High, the school from which Sanders graduated in 1985, had a two-game stretch last October in which he averaged 35 yards per carry. Devine rushed for more than 2,700 yards and scored more than 30 touchdowns in his first two varsity seasons.
Now, Devine will be moving to Texas, where he will live with Sanders and play high school football at Prosper High School, a Class 2A school north of Frisco. He is also expected to be one of the top recruits nationally for the Class of 2007, and has six schools on his short list of college choices — Miami, Michigan, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Florida State, Sanders’ alma mater.
“My wife would tell you all through our life together that I’ve talked about adopting a child and giving a kid a chance who otherwise wouldn’t have one,” Sanders told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s about giving someone an opportunity to have a chance in life.”

source June 17th, 2005.


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